If there’s one particular meat that is easy to cook as a leftover, it’s chicken. Basically not just chicken, but quail and pigeon meat too. The meat is easier to cook and its healthier compared to beef and pork. Of course, there’s also the demand for organically raised poultry. Because they are fed with organic materials instead of feeds mixed with different chemicals to keep them fresh inside the warehouse for a long time, organic feed tends to be healthier for both the chickens and for the humans who will soon consume their meat. In any case, if you open the fridge and see some leftover fried chicken inside, then it’s time to whip up some leftover chicken recipes.

Leftover Chicken Suggestions

So what’s the best way to deal with leftover chicken? Here are some good ideas for starters.

Make yourself a chicken sandwich – Get two loaves of bread, some vegetables, and mayonnaise and whip yourself some delicious chicken sandwich. It’s filling and sometimes you feel like skipping lunch or dinner because your breakfast chicken sandwich was indeed heavy breakfast.

Mix leftover chicken meat into a chicken salad – Another healthy option is to mix the chicken meat into a chicken salad. Get some fresh greens from the fridge or buy from the supermarket and top that salad with your favorite mayonnaise or salad sauce.

Mix the leftover chicken into your fried rice – Mince that extra fried chicken into smaller pieces and place it on top of your rice as rice toppings. Add one fried egg, some vegetables and you’re ready to have a power breakfast or lunch that will fill you up in minutes. Or you can add some stew to your fried rice. Anything is possible really.

So when it comes to dealing with leftover chicken, you just need to use some imagination!